Minor update

Isaac is still amazing me more and more with the correct identification of letters and new words.  Some new words are: pasta (we always say noodles), rocket (he asks now for the 'rocket sound' at which I will count down and say "blast off,") different (if reference to books, toys, cartoons,) and angle.  Really he repeats whatever we say and we then try to define it for him and use it in sentences more often until he repeats it in the correct context.

I'm starting to get a bit more ready for baby.  I cleared out a shelf above Isaac's sippy cups for baby bottles.  I also cleaned out my craft room so we can fit a queen bed in there.  If you recall, we have a double bed in there, but Alex likes the queen better, so we are storing the double in the garage.  It matches Isaac's furniture, so we'll keep it.  We just don't have room in the house right now.

We've also been playing like normal.  The bit of snow over the weekend was fun, but we stayed in when it got really cold.  

One cold morning I asked if he wanted oatmeal for breakfast.  He interpreted that as 'play with oatmeal' so it turned into a motor skills lesson instead.  This worked out well as I was able to put away dishes without anyone trying to crawl inside the dishwasher.


  1. Fun! Yay for organizing and getting the baby's room ready! And yay for play time! Isaac is so smart! What a fun age!


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