Crumb catcher

That's what my belly has become.  Alex suggested I put my napkin over my belly instead of on my lap.  It does make more sense there and have started taking his advice.  :-)  Here's a picture of the baby bump.

I got a little fed up with trying to be healthy yesterday.  I think this was due to lack of sleep, so last night I requested a cheeseburger and made brownies for dessert.  I'm not going to admit how many Hershey's nuggets I had at work, but I can tell you they were ALL necessary.

Isaac is doing well. He's been a little sleepier and snugglier lately, so I think he's a bit under the weather.  It's nothing obvious, so it might just be a growth spurt.  Who knows?  As I write this, I realize as his mother, I should.  But, I don't.

Here's Alex and Isaac watching the SuperBowl and a boy with his box:

We've been playing and learning.  He's much better with recognizing his letters and even is making the sounds of them now.  It's kind of cool to see how much he picks up.  He also surprises me nearly everyday with a new word.  It's not just in my head either, a mom at church commented on his vocabulary as well.  For 2 1/2, he's doing very well.

Here's a few pictures of us playing outside:

This past weekend, I finally got some Valentine's photos.  Family, expect them soon!  I used a Pinterest idea and got some great shots under a white sheet in a sun-lit room.  Here are some fun ones.


  1. Oh, you look great! You don't have too much longer. Isaac looks charming in the Valentine's photos. I love this mommy blog! -KL

  2. As Isaac's mother, you aren't expected to know what is going on! Adopt this: JBBB--just babies being babies. Who knows when they are growing, having growing pains, getting molars?!! Just being a loving mom is what counts, and you are excellent at that!!

    You look super cute!! Yay for Baby Vix coming soon!! I know that you are ready to be done!!

    And Isaac is smart and adorable!! A winning combination!

    1. Well, after being sick myself, I can say with some certainty that Isaac did have a bug and I caught it.
      But, thank you. :-)


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