Crazy weather & super helpful visit

Alex's mom came into town this past weekend.  We had some unusually warm weather, so Saturday was filled with outdoor play and extra long walks.  I'm not sure why I don't have a picture, but we were enjoying ourselves and I wasn't paying attention to my phone or camera.

On Sunday, Alex's mom started painting baby Asher's room.  If you recall it was a pale gray.  Really, it was just primer, but we left it.  She painted Sunday and Monday to turn it into a soft pale green that's much more appropriate for baby.  Not to mention since it is actual eggshell paint, it can be wiped off, which is a necessity for a baby's room.

Isaac and I played outside a lot to distract him from wanting to play with grandma.

Grandma still got to play with Isaac.  Of course, she brought new toys with her.  Here they are playing on a rug with roads and buildings on it.  Isaac likes to point out the grocery store and school. :-)

Thank you, Fran for coming!  And thank you so much for volunteering your time to paint the baby's room.

This morning we woke up to 5 inches of heavy wet snow. and 40 mph wind gusts  There are a lot of people without power.  We were lucky not to be one of them.


  1. I am so glad you have Fran!! What a huge help to have her paint Asher's room! I love the color!

    And looks like the outdoor play was fun and well-timed!! The snow looks beautiful, but less fun when you add the 40 mile an hour winds!

  2. You must have a great mother in law! I'm so glad you are sharing baby's name (I like Asher!) and you are making preparations for him. Often times baby two and three get less attention for prep. It's good to be excited. - KL


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