The weather outside

.. even though frightful, it is still inviting for Isaac.  He loves being outside even though we were quite cold when we ventured out.  I don't think we stayed out more than 15 minutes due to the wind.  He did enjoy the bit of snow that day (we have much more now.)  His favorite thing to do was brush it off the cars and grill.  Why not?

He's also been enjoying watching the birds eat the suet.  He comments when they are around and are eating.  When they fly off because he made too much noise he either says "Birds all done eating" or "Birds taking nap."  He can identify a woodpecker now.  He could probably do more, but I honestly don't know what a lot of them are and haven't taught him.

Over the weekend , when I was napping and Alex was in the restroom, Isaac somehow got a hold of a marker.  We promptly had a lesson that we only draw and color on paper and boxes (the latter is quite fun for Isaac.)  Fortunately almost everything came off with a Clorox wipe.

Over the long weekend, Isaac and I made cookies and then cleaned up.  He did extremely well with "mixing" the oatmeal and "washing" the dishes.  Really, he stirred about a 1/3 C of oatmeal in a bowl while I mixed up the recipe.  I tried having him help me, but he wasn't into letting me level the measuring cup before grabbing it.  Whatever, he was entertained.  He also liked standing on the step stool and stirred the water in a bowl in the sink while I did dishes.  Seriously, he was with me like this for about 35 minutes just watching me and playing with water.  Granted, he did cry when we put the step stool away, but he had fun "helping" mommy and has tried to do so everyday since by pulling out the bottom drawer in the kitchen to step up and wash dishes.  This unsteady position has caused several falls.  Update: we now have a child lock on the bottom drawer.

Here's just a sweet picture of the guys reading.

And, simply for your viewing pleasure, here's what I see when I look down at work:


  1. Having the kids "help" cook and clean is hours of entertainment! Sometimes I even fill the sink with water and just let them do water play or do "science " experiments in the bathtub. Fun stuff! I love reading about Isaac and his adventures!

    The baby bump grows! Looking good!


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