Playing and Getting Creative

Hello Everyone.  This past week has been all about being creative.  I have been working on painting pictures for the baby's room.  I think I mentioned Alex wanting a playful monster-themed room.  I still have a few more touch-ups, but they are almost done.  A coworker gave me three of the canvases, which was awesome as they are quite large. I found some light green and dark blue valances to go with a rug my sister gave me, so both of those colors are in each of the paintings.  Last time, we had a pro do the pictures in Isaac's room.  Hers were by far smoother and crisper, but I'm pretty happy with mine. What do you think?

I'm at the point where I just want to talk about baby, but I don't have a lot of people I can do that with.  I'm on a forum of pregnant women, but it's been pretty quite lately.  I guess everyone is tired. :-) I want to talk about fun things like kicks and squirms and those huge rolling motions.  Sometimes I want to complain about aches and pains.  Some days I'm so tired I could cry. Since no one is listening, I'm sharing a bit here. :-)

I forgot to mention Alex's handiwork a few weeks ago.  He fixed a busted plug in the kitchen and put in a USB charger. Hooray we have a place to charge our ipad, drone, and phone!  He said that he would make a proper charging station out of wood sometime.  Since he has a few other projects to work on already, I made a temporary one out of a low Amazon box and black duct tape by cutting some holes in the back and one on top.

Isaac has also been creative.  He's been drawing a lot more and even requests it.  He seems to always want to make stripes for some reason.  Why not?

Last week we were at a neighbors house visiting when the lady gave him goldfish crackers.  Instead of eating them, he proceeded to dump them back and forth from bowl to bowl.  It was so much fun for him, that I recreated it with dry oatmeal.  He had a great time and played consistently for about 25 minutes.  Granted he did make a little mess, but he was working on his moter skills and I got to have a cup of tea. :-) I think this is going to be a common game from now on.

Since it's been a little while since I've mentioned Roy, here he is practicing for an earthquake.  He thinks we live in California.


  1. Love this post! Your pictures are PERFECT!! I love them! You did a great job!!

    And sometimes it does feel like you are shouting to an empty room! I am listening, I promise!! Yay for baby kicks and rolls! You are doing great and heading right into the home stretch of nesting!!

    Drawing more and pouring is fabulous!! Way to go, Isaac!

    Love to sweet Roy!

  2. 30 weeks!! Wow!! Getting close to meeting that baby!!


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