Late Christmas and visit

Since we were unable to visit my parents over the holidays, they came to visit us this past weekend.  It was a very short, but very good visit.  They lucked out on weather and we were able to catch up. They also brought presents and goodies for the new baby, which was handed down (probably a little early) from my sisters.  I'm so glad, too!  It makes me feel much more prepared. :-) You'll notice boxes and tubs in the background of a lot of these pictures.  They brought so much stuff!  Thank you. :-)

Isaac thinks the baby's carseat is fun to play with. He keeps trying to fasten and unfasten the seat belts on it.

Isaac has a new robe that he received from his cousin.  We've been rather frigid here lately, so it was appreciated on a cold morning.

Alex has also been playing with his present - a small drone, which Isaac enjoys watching.

I recently bought a tiny chair for Isaac.  We are thinking of moving the rocking chair into the nursery at some point, so we plan on using a small table that we had already with it.  I love it and so does Isaac.  I put it down and within 2 minutes Isaac was moving it and sitting in it.  :-)

A few notes on Isaac's character.  He is pretending more.  He makes "pillow caves." When he is hurt, Rinki or lego man is hurt, too.  He's also asked me to change lego man's and Elf-friend's diaper this past week.  Fortunately, they are easy to change as the pretend diapers don't need much attention.  :-)


  1. The picture of Dad and Isaac is great! I love it!

    I'm glad that you are feeling more settled with all the stuff...even if it is a lot to put away and deal with!

    Ahh!! Pretending is so fun! That is so cute that Isaac shares his hurt. Sweet! :)

  2. Oh, and honestly, I am happy to get everything out! Getting the car seat to you is probably making Jason safer in his big boy seat!


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