Baby and back to normal

Let's talk about baby.  He's kicking and making me want to meet him more and more each day with each movement.  He's also waking me up in the middle of the night.  But, then again, so is the heartburn.  Oh the heartburn.  But, eye on the prize, right?  In three short months, a little bundle of crying lovable cuteness will be in our household. :-)

Roy is doing well, but is being a bit harassed by Isaac.  Isaac has a new habit of grabbing Roy's tail and wagging it for him.  I don't think the help is appreciated.

We've had lots of fun over the past week.  We've played outside quite a bit.

He's been playing with Alex:

And he got an awesome haircut:



  1. Cuteness overload!! I love the new haircut and the warm hat while playing!!

    Yay for keeping your eye on the prize! All the heartburn will be forgotten once you get your sweet baby home!


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