Sweets and babies

Let's talk about baby.  He's kicking every night and doing very well.  He isn't active when I sit down to watch TV, but once I lay down to go to sleep, he wakes up and finds my internal organs with amazing accuracy.  I got to hear his heart beat again today, which is always reassuring.

Isaac is doing well, but has developed a croupy cough.  He's on the mend already.  He is no longer barking and took three naps today.  Poor little dude.  There is one part of him being sick that I selfishly like: he cuddles a lot more.  My sweet boy.  He's still up and alert, but he's just a little more tired than normal.

Here are a few pictures from this past week.



I've been having a rough time lately with Braxton hicks and a few painful contractions.  Those were admittedly a little scary.  My Dr. said that as long as I don't have more than six painful ones in one hour, I'm okay. Here's how I've been pampering myself after hard days:

My friends have been helping too.  I received this homemade ugly sweater cookie from two wonderful ladies.  What a fun idea.  It was tasty, too. :-)


  1. Sweet Isaac! I'm glad he is feeling better already! Being sick is no fun.

    I'm sorry you are having contractions already. The problem is that you will probably have five-six in an hour many times multiple times a day, and there you are counting and waiting. Blah. But, I'm glad Baby Vix is kicking and reassuring you that he is not yet ready to make his debut!

    Love the sweater cookie and the much deserved pampering!

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