On second thought

Well, I thought Isaac was getting better, but he was ill longer than we thought he would be.  No fun for anyone involved.  I made a little bed on the couch for him and we watched a lot of cartoons between his many naps. Rinki (his zebra) was there to comfort him.  Fortunatly we have two of these little zebras, so we can change them out when one has been coughed on too much and is in need of a good washing.

He did finally get better to enjoy the warm weather over the weekend.  On Sat night I even let him play outside in the dark (with house lights on) since it was so nice.  I know we're probably not going to have another warm spell like this, so we might as well take advantage of it.  Perhaps that mentality carried over to today since the first word out of Isaac's mouth this morning was "outside."  :-)

I took too long putting his shoes on, so he started drawing.
Apparently he was really happy to be outside after being ill that he shared his joy with a light pole.
Isaac is playing with Christmas items around the house.  He takes soft ornaments off the tree, like a teddy bear, camel, and Santa, and plays with them.  A family friend gave us an elf on the shelf, but Isaac is much too young to get that concept, so he just plays with him.  It's really quite funny since he says "elf friend" when referring to the elf.  Well, he did at first.  Alex has renamed the elf Elvis, so that's what Isaac calls him.  I find this a little too funny.  This is Isaac and Elvis looking for birds on Sunday when it was rainy.


  1. Being sick is no fun for anyone involved!! I'm glad he's through it now! The last photo cracks me up since my kids are afraid of touching our elf since the book says not to! Ha!

    And Isaac drawing since you took too long reminds me of how long I take to do everything! That's because parents have a million things to do before going outside...kids can go out in their underwear, no problem!

    1. We didn't get the book, just the doll, so I wasn't sure about that rule. I'm so glad I didn't take Elvis to church with us on Sunday. Isaac would have freaked a LOT of kids out. :-)

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