Busy week

Here's a week in review.  Isaac is playing more with Roy and even plays well with him... mostly.  For example, he is trying to use a charger to plug into Roy's head.  Hmm.

Alex made a heavy-duty tool chest out of scrap, but very nice wood that he found in the garage.  The wood was rather ugly at first, but he cleaned them up and made them into something useful.
Before being cleaned

I mixed up some traditional German Springerle cookies (anise flavored cookies.)  I say some, but it was really about 250.  Alex took the pictures and tends to make me laugh.

Check out the baby bump! (The thing that looks like an iron is my hand mixer)

Alex has been working on another project.  He is adding recessed lights to the living room ceiling.  It's a rather messy job.  he wasn't thrilled that I snapped a shot to show this plaster and drywall dust on him. :-) It will be wonderful when we have overhead lighting!

He's really just pretending he doesn't like getting his picture taken.  :-)

This is where my Christmas tree normally is, but due to the construction, it is in the foyer.

Despite all this, we were still able to fit in a trip to the playground.  Isaac isn't much for traditional play (swings, slides, etc.) Instead, he runs around, looks at other kids,  and climbs random things.  You know, as toddlers do.

Isaac has been doing a few new things I'd like to share.  He's really interested in letters and numbers lately and identifies them fairly well.  He will mix up things like H and K, but he's starting, so yay!  With all the construction in the living room, he points out the Xs Alex put up to mark where to drill and proudly shouts "X" at each one.  He will also point out numbers.  He's a bit better at this one and gets most of them correct. When I acknowledge that he got it right, he claps his hands and says "Yay, got it!"

We go through favorite books phases.  It used to be Goodnight Moon, then Lama Lama Red Pajama.  Right now we are on Caps for Sale.  I try to always say the title and author's name when we start reading any story.  The author for this one is Esphyr Slobodkina. Isaac has started pointed to the man in the story and calling him "Keena."  I think it's cute.

It's amazing how much his language has exploded of late.  He repeats everything, especially if it is said with any kind of emphasis.  He knows the correct words for a lot of tools (thanks to Alex), furniture, kitchen tools, modes of transportation (he really likes helicopters "copiters"), landscaping (rocks, mulch, bricks, etc.), colors, shapes, toys, etc. I'm guessing he has about 300 words so far, perhaps more. I still use context clues to figure out what he says and I'm sure not everyone can understand him, but that's okay.  Actually, sometimes I wish others couldn't understand him.  For example, we were in the grocery and he said rather loudly, "Beer for Daddy."  A man next to me laughed.  I kind of did too,  The previous trip, Alex purchased some and apparently Isaac remembered. :-) At least he didn't say "Beer for Mommy" as I am obviously pregnant at this point.


  1. What a fun post!! Wow, I didn't realize you made so many cookies! Way to go!!

    Kudos to Alex for being so handy!!

    And yay for Isaac's language explosion and letter recognition!! That's awesome and so exciting and helpful!!

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