Pickles and chocolate

These are pretty much my cravings.  Sorry to disappoint, but I don't crave them at the same time. I'm not quite that odd. I still want some sort of sandwhich by the afternoon.  I could go for a cuban with extra pickles if you have one. :-)

This past week was a normal week. We play with, read to, sing to, dance with, and tickle Isaac.  Lately he's been wanting to play in my car whenever I come home again. I say again, because he went through this stage several months ago, too. He pushing and turns all the buttons, plays with the inside lights, turns the wheel, and got very excited when he discovered the sunglass holder.  I think his exact reaction was, "Wow!"

He is also lately obsessed with candles. I lit one a few weeks ago and now he requests I "turn on" the candle every night. :-)

He's always making me smile with something, then turning around and pushing his limits, such as opening the refrigerator for the 10th time after I told him not to.  Granted, climbing up the shelves to push the light on/off switch does look pretty cool.  ;-)

Saturday we had a bit of sleet and snow, so we stayed in and played.  He found a new spot in the office - behind the couch in the window well.
He found the paci and I was too tired to take it away. He got to keep it.
On Sunday we went to Magic House, but our favorite area was closed for renovations.  He played for a whole hour on the water table.  His shirt was soaked!  It was a good thing he had an undershirt on and a vest for the remainder of the playtime otherwise he would have been quite cold.

Something funny to end: Alex let Roy out to the back one last time before a trip to the grocery.  Alex didn't have a jacket or shoes on since he was just stepping out for a moment.  Isaac decided that was a good time to close the door and play with the deadbolt.  He locked Alex out of the house.  Alex had to call through the door and get Isaac to come back to the kitchen and convince him to turn the bolt again to let him in. Yikes.  Keys on your person at all times from now on!


  1. Sweet Isaac! What a fun age!!

    I love the water play area! Awesome that he was entertained for so long!

    Poor Alex! I would have freaked out!

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