MIL Visit

I've been out of sorts lately, so having my mother-in-law visit was a welcome change of pace.  She came in Friday and left Monday morning.  Most of the time we were just visiting, but we did fit in several walks, good food, shopping trips, and plenty of snuggle time with Isaac.  He really adores her.  He constantly went up to her with his hands up indicating that he wanted her to pick him up.  There's just something about grandma hugs.  Each morning he wanted to wake her up as soon as he was awake, but I made him wait, which wasn't an easy task!

I did a terrible job of getting pictures.  I only remembered the last evening she was here.  That's okay, though.

It was a great visit.  Thank you for coming.

Unfortunately that's all I have.  Take care everyone.


  1. Sweet Isaac! He's adorable, and I am SO glad that Fran is such a wonderful grandma and that she came at a needed time!

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