Google tells me this is my 200th post.  Let's celebrate by looking at our projected nursery.  Remember a while ago when I was looking for a site that would allow me to put in dimensions and design the layout of the new nursery.  Well, Roomstyler.com totally fit the bill.  What do you think? At first glance it almost looks like a real picture.  They even had toys for accessories.  I thought that was fun. The colors (wall, curtains, rug) should be quite close to what I'm thinking, but we'll have the navy curtains longer and the rug/s bigger.

I'll even show you a picture of my increasing baby bump.

I had an ultrasound on Friday and got to see the baby wiggle, wave, and even swallow, which was pretty cool.  I saw his heart flutter and a closeup of his lips and nose.  I chose not to do the 3D pictures because I find them freaky looking.  Plus, at this stage he'd look like Skeletor as he's only roughly 11 ounces. Having the u/s just makes me even more excited.  I can't wait, but then again, I don't want to wish away my single-child time with Isaac.

Isaac is doing well and doing toddler things (translation: getting into everything.)  This happened when I was putting away dishes.  Naturally.  Maybe he wanted to arrange them by LC call number? At least he wasn't climbing into the dishwasher. Well, that did happen, too.  In his defense, it does have a cool sprayer arm that spins if you push it. :-)

We've also been doing a lot of coloring.  Normally he just does lines back and forth, but lately we've been working on shapes.  What this really means is that I draw big shapes and color them in.  Then I quiz him on their names.  Sometimes he colors them in as well, sort of.  The other night he expanded his drawing repertoire by including circles.  I'm very proud of this.

On Saturday evening, I thought out loud that we should go to the zoo.  Well, he asked to go about ten times that night.  Notice: Toddlers don't understand the concept of "Tomorrow."  He pretty much cried on and off when he realized we weren't going at 8:00pm.  Sunday morning, the first word out of his mouth was "zoo."  Okay.  We had a great time, though. :-) We probably spent about 25 minutes running back and forth to see the hippos and the fish.  By far that was the favorite thing to do. I finally got smart and sat on a rock while he ran around.  Live and learn.

Have a great week!


  1. I love watching your little guy grow and I am excited to hear about your new little guy coming soon. Your fam is so adorbs!

  2. Oooo! I think the nursery looks awesome! Great find, mama!

    You look fantastic! And your baby bump isn't really big yet! Although I am sure it feels that way to you!

    And I love how much Isaac loves the zoo! He's so cute! That hippo is cool to look at!

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