Pet projects and pregnancy

So, I had my soft announcement last week, but it is official.  We are pregnant! I'm 15 weeks along with a little boy.  Isaac is getting a brother, hooray!  I'm going to be overrun by guys in this house.  A friend recommended I get a girl pet.  Somehow I don't think a girl goldfish will help the estrogen level in the house, though.

In order to do some minor prep for baby, I've been rearranging closets and furniture.  As you may recall, Isaac's room started out as my dressing room before I came along.  Well, since he had two closets in his room, I just kept one as mine.  After he commented on my underclothing, I thought it might be time to take my wardrobe and changing elsewhere. I cleaned out the hall closet, which just held luggage and china, mostly.  It's now my closet.  I love how big it is since I just put a bunch of maternity clothes in there, too. The closet in our master, in case you are wondering is too small for two people.  Isaac's room was the original master, but it is the smallest bedroom, which is why we aren't using it for that.

I also moved my secretary desk out of the spare room and into our master, which required a bit of rearranging, but I like it.  We'll set up furniture in the spare after the holidays and after a coat of paint (to be done by my wonderful mother-in-law at some point.)  Alex is thinking about decorations of fun monsters, such as:

This past weekend, we went to a pumpkin patch.  Isaac was way more impressed with looking at other kids and playing with a wagon while there.  He did pick out a small pumpkin, and I got a big one in case we decide to carve it. There was a little boy who kept pushing the truck on his shirt and almost knocking him over. Isaac didn't know what to make of it... hence the look.

This past week, Isaac kept asking to go the zoo.  On Sunday, I told him we were going to go to church while we were eating breakfast.  His response? "Zoo!"  Well, okay.  We were heathens, but we did get to see the polar bear.  It was really funny, too.  We were there just before 9:00 and they put out dried basil on these big flotation pads and the polar bear went right to it!  Who knew? We had a great time and got to see the two animals he wanted to see: "po bear" and "gigee-aff", which is obviously giraffe :-). We also got to see part of a sea lion show, but Isaac was a bit antsy, so we only stayed for part of it.


  1. Congrats, Heidi! I'm excited for you. Two boys will be so much fun. Isaac is adorable as always. -KL

  2. Congratulations!! Looks like you are already nesting! Good for you getting things done early!!

    Sweet Isaac's expression in that pumpkin patch photo is priceless! Sweet innocence!

    And the zoo looks fun! Great pictures!

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