In and out of town

This past week was quite hectic and fun.  After the brunt of the colds, I went off to a conference and Isaac and Alex went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for several days.  I made the mistake of telling Isaac that he was going to go see Grandma on Tuesday and he didn't leave until Wednesday.  He was very upset that Grandma wasn't there immediately.  Lesson learned.

Here are a few images from my trip.  Pretty, but I ran into heavy traffic in two cites on my way back.  The conference went well; I learned a lot and made great connections.  My session wasn't packed, as there was something else going on at the time, but everyone was very responsive, which was helpful.

This trip I really missed Isaac.  I always miss him when I'm gone, but I ached for him.  Being a bit under the weather might have made me a bit more emotional, too. Not to mention pregnancy hormones. (Do you like how I slyly dropped that in there? More details later.)  I got back on Friday evening and was able to have the weekend with the guys.  Roy, Alex, and Isaac are doing well.  We broke out the heavy pj's as it was rather chilly this weekend.

Isaac is also having a lot of fun with Roy and interacting even more than usual. He always pet Roy, but now he seems to do more.  It probably has to do with taking more responsibility for Roy, too.  Isaac helps me get Roy out of his kennel each morning, feed Roy, and pick up any stray toys around the house.  He's taken to watching Roy and even laying down beside him from time to time.

No pictures from Grandma and Grandpa's place, but I did get a few stories.  For example, Grandma asked Alex if Isaac could have some C A K E.  Isaac said, "Cake!"  Hmm.  Okay, coincidence.  Later in the trip she asked Alex if they were ready to go to the  Z O O.  Isaac said, "Zoo!"  Hmm.  He picks up on things, but I don't think he can really spell.

My one last picture is of Isaac eating key lime pie for the first time.  I think he mostly liked the whipped cream topping, but that's fine.  He wasn't very good about getting a fork-sized piece off the slice, so he just speared the whole thing and licked it.  Whatever works. I attempted to show him, but he thought his way was better.


  1. Ahhh! You've publicly announced! Sort of! Congratulations!!

    And good for you getting a few days for professional development! Yippee!!

    Isaac is cute as a button...and sharp as a whip!

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