I'll have another

Apparently Isaac couldn't get enough of being sick. Back up. I'll start off with how I think he got sick and who I'm blaming.  Alex and Isaac went to the park one lovely afternoon.  Isaac played on the equipment and was, of course, drawn to the water pump.  After a while several ladies and their older children came to play at the park as well.  Great, Isaac loves watching kids.  Well, one 6-ish year old pushed Isaac out of the way so he could play with the water pump.  Alex looked to the mother or lady in charge of that child waiting for her to jump in to do some correction/explanation about age differences and being nice.  This never happened.  Instead Alex was greeted with an ugly look.  Needless to say, Alex and Isaac left. Damn infectious kid and his snotty mother.

The next day Isaac didn't eat much of anything.  This was followed by a day of fever, tiredness, and no eating.  Followed by a day of vomiting, tiredness, and no eating. Followed by a day of tiredness, and some eating.  The Dr. was consulted and checked in with us regularly.    He wasn't in danger of a too high fever and still drank enough to be hydrated.  It was a virus that just needed to be waited out. Overall, it wasn't terrible, but Isaac was obviously miserable and cried and clung to us. This picture is from day two.  Days three and four, he wasn't holding anything. He laid flat and was in and out of sleep.

We had a lot of snuggle time as Isaac started improving. Isaac watched me in the kitchen and was off the couch for short periods of time.

Isaac was almost back to normal Saturday and helped Alex play video games and me make me make banana nut muffins.

Last night he got to enjoy the outdoors and play in the leaves like a toddler should.


  1. Being sick is for the birds!! So glad he's feeling better!!

  2. Boo to mean people. I love the father & son picture playing a game. -KL

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