Baby news

A bit on this pregnancy: I go from wanting a hamburger EVERY DAY at 3:00 to being nauseated.  I'm rediscovering the joys of heartburn. I'm super moody.  I can burp like a frat boy in a competition. But, damn, I'm excited. I so love my time with Isaac and am trying to soak up all the one-on-one time I can before April.  But, I know adding to the family will be wonderful.  We know the first couple of months are hard, but watching little ones grow, explore, learn, be amazed with the world is so incredible. I'm looking forward to Isaac having a little brother.  I hope we are preparing him to know that baby brother will be a lump at first, but will be a companion, friend, and buddy in all mischief-making later on.

I'm getting pumped about decorating the baby's room, but know that I won't have the furniture until after Christmas.  I know that will give me plenty of time, but I really want to start playing with the layout of the room.  The online sites that I've found don't really let you put in dimensions.  Better Homes & Gardens has one, but it doesn't add up correctly.  Any suggestions?  Otherwise, I'm back to old schooling it with graph paper. I actually don't mind this.  It is how I rearranged my bedroom in junior high, and how I packed a U-haul many years ago.

Isaac is doing very well.  He continues to explore the world around him and surprises us with what seems like the impossible.  For example, every now and then it seems like he reads a word.  We know that's crazy, but there are some strong coincidences.  Mostly I laugh it off, but secretly I think, "Our child is a genius and will take over the world someday" :-)

We've been enjoying the outdoors and the colors of fall.

We even made it to the park - no mean moms this time. :-)

Roy is doing well, but has yet another ear infection.  Those long droopy ears just aren't good for air-circulation.  Bummer.  We caught it early enough so it doesn't appear to be painful, but he has asked for a lot more ear rubs.  I need to be better about consistent preventative care.  I'm putting this note here to shame myself into remembering.  Hopefully it works.


  1. I'm glad for the baby excitement! It is different the second time around--you need more help, but get less; you know the wonder to come, but have less time to ponder it; you worry about "what have I done!!!", but know it will all be all right! Hang in there mama! Making a baby is hard work!

    And cool about Isaac and reading! Maybe he is picking it up! Olivia and Leo knew their letters and sounds when they were two--not because I am a good teacher but because the Letter Factory song is catchy! :)

    Sorry about Roy. :( Unfortunately, in the scheme of things, he is low on the totem pole.

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