Labor Day weekend with Family - part 1

Isaac and I visited family while Alex stayed home to work.  It was a short visit, so I didn't reach out to everyone, but it went really well.  Isaac did a great job in the car.  He doesn't sleep well there, but got a short nap.  I sang and he looked at books, played with toys, and made "beep beep" sounds at the cars.  After hour 4, I welcomed the iPad.  He was happy about it, too. :-)

When we arrived, we had a realized evening playing.  The next day my sister came into town as well.  The cousins were able to play together or at least near each other while the adults got to visit. :-)

We also played in the creek, which was a childhood favorite of mine.  I'm glad he was at least sort of interested in the water this time.

We also played inside as it was getting quite hot.  The cousins still had a lot of fun.


  1. Oh!! You got some great shots!! It was great to see you both! Thanks for sharing!

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