Family & Fun

Last week we had visitors.  Grandma, Aunt Valli, and cousin Isabel came to visit.  Isaac was loving seeing "Bell" again and was kind of in her face all the time.  He kept saying "Hi."  I think that's because his vocabulary is less than 100 words and can't really hold a conversation at this age.  Fortunately she took it in stride even when he crawled on her bed one morning.

They had a ton of fun at the zoo and the City Museum. Sorry I don't have more.  This fun was had while I was at work.  I'll definitely go next time!

We also had a great time just hanging out.  I'm sorry I don't have more pictures.  Well, I do, but no one looks good in them and I'm not cruel.

After they left, we had to keep up the fun with a trip to the park again.  This time Isaac learned how to do something new: climb through a ladder.

On Sunday we went to the Magic House and did more than just play in sand an the rubbery mulch with the trucks, though, there was plenty of that.

After a while it was getting crazy loud and we needed some quiet time, so we went outside despite it being rather warm.  Isaac became very familiar with the fountain.  Considering how rosy his cheeks were getting, I was okay with it.


  1. Yay for family visits!!

    And, wow, Isaac is really busy!! I love all the fun things he is getting into at home, the playground, and the museum!! What a joy!

    And you look cute, too!!

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