Coffee & Music

Isaac is very much into observing everything.  He wants to be able to see whatever Alex and I are doing, whether it be making dinner, doing dishes, or making coffee.  He's taken to pushing his way between me and the counter, raising his arms, and saying, "See, see."  I then make sure there's a safe area for him to sit or kneel to watch what's going on.  This is one morning where he is helping me make coffee.  I'm trying to allow him to see without touching everything, but that's a hard order for a two year old.

This past weekend we went to a Jazz festival.  We walked around, people watched, and listened to music.  Much to Alex's chagrin I also stopped in several stores that I hadn't gone in before.  It's good to know what is there.  Besides I got an idea for a coworker's Christmas present. Hooray!

Alex not wanting his picture taken.

Also, a happy birthday to my husband!  He didn't want cake, so I made one of his favorites: raspberry sorbet.  It's easy, except for the straining process as there are so many seeds.  No doubt he will find a couple in there, but that's okay.


  1. It's about time you had a picture of yourself in there! You look great. - KL

  2. Sweet! You're getting through the two's with flair it looks like!

    Your smile is radiant in the jazz festival photos!

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