All play and no work

Seriously, the house is neglected.  But, we've been having fun outside. While the weather is nice, it seems only right to take advantage and enjoy it.  As my grandmother says, "The dishes won't run off."  Well, they don't, but it doe put more work on Alex.  I keep up with the laundry, so at least we have our bases covered.

One unseasonably cool day, Isaac helped me repot plants.  My nephew (we think) knocked over my mother's jade plant and several branches broke off.  I took them!  :-)  Isaac helped.  And by helped, I mean that he scooped dirt with the broken jade leaves and played by himself.  Really, that was helping.

Now that the weather is almost back to normal, we are still playing outside, but differently.  We water the tomatoes, play in the jogger in the back yard, and swing on the hammock.

We broke out the water pails yesterday, too.  He loved it, but boy did he get soaked!

Oh, Isaac has a new chore.  He helps me feed Roy in the mornings.  I scoop out the food and hand Isaac the dish.  He carries it (with a little help) and sets it down in front of Roy.  He then proceeds to be the creepy brother who watches every bite.  I tell myself that he's just curious, but I keep expecting him to mess with Roy somehow.


  1. I think it's cute! And good for you soaking up this precious time!! Love it!!

    The deck looks great, by the way!

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