So, this is a bit late, but I have pictures... sort of.  My landscape pics of the mountains didn't turn out.  We shared a cabin in TN with Alex's family and essentially recreated a vacation they had in their youth.  The cabin was very large and had a beautiful view.  Morning coffee looking out over the hills and mountains was wonderful.  (Insert awesome wooded pictures here.)

We went to Dollywood and enjoyed pretty much everything.  Some did the roller coasters, some did the games, some looked at the shops, and we pretty much walked around and looked at the craftsmen.  Of course, we looked at anything that had to do with water, because, well, Isaac wanted to.  He wasn't too sure of the farriswheel, but started liking it after everyone and their mother got on and it finally moved smoothly.  He also wasn't too sure of the carousel, but we figured out that he liked the benches way better than the animals that go up and down.  We also saw a 'steamier' coal train, that made a lot of noise, but Isaac thought it was fun.  We actually went twice b/c we came late the first day and got in free the second.  Hooray!

One day we went to the Aquarium, which Isaac absolutely loved.  He immediately waved to the fish in the first tank.  It took me a while to convince him there were more.  He loved it all.  So much that he konked out right afterwards.  

We also did a few other things like visit shops in Gatlinburg and do some sort of down-hill cart thing, which was a lot like a roller coaster.  I let out a yelp as I pushed the handles forward to go faster.  It was a lot of fun.  We also spent our evenings playing games and hanging out with the family. (Sorry for the terrible pictures from my phone.  If I get my camera to work again, I'll post an update.)

Hmm, I just realized that I have no pictures of me.  I'll have to see if I can get one from someone else and update this post.


  1. Yay!! This looks like it was fun!! Way to go Team Vix!! Annual trip?


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