Isaac is two!

Instead of cake last week, Isaac wanted cookies.  I was happy to oblige.  I picked up a few on my way home from work (judge all you want.)  Well, when I came home I offered Isaac a birthday cookie.  Of course he nodded and gave me a very clear "YES!"  However, now every time I come home he asks for a Gookie.  Hmm.

I gave you a preview, but here's one that I think is fun.  This is how I normally see him.  He's running to his next quest. :-)

Isaac's haul this year:

We've also enjoyed this week's cooler weather by playing outside as much as possible.  Between going to the park to slide and swing as well as blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk, we've had a great time.  He discovered the water pump at the park a few days ago and was completely soaked.  He did have a good time, though, so why not?


  1. Happy birthday, Isaac! What a beautiful, loved, happy boy you are!!

    I love the Bama shirt!


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