Another fun week

This past week we had a lot of fun.  Isaac has been more affectionate recently and wanted us to pick him up or hold him on our lap while we read, played, or watched a show.  He also was playful and wanted to wear boots around the house while in his PJ's.  Unfortunately, we woke up Alex.  Sorry hun.

Isaac and Alex had quite a bit of fun inside when it was too hot to go out.  Isaac has been taking to playing with the iPad.

On Friday I asked Isaac what he wanted to do today.  He said "zoo."  Honestly, I was a little surprised that this came out of nowhere.  I then asked him what he wanted to see at the zoo.  He said, fish of course.  After a further prompt of what else he wanted to see, he said he also wanted to see a giraffe.  This happened to be the first time he said the word, so that was surprising and fun.

We didn't make it to the zoo until the next day, but we had a great time. We saw zebras, camels, donkeys, and of course giraffes.

After we saw the giraffe , we went to see the fish in the Children's area.  As soon as we arrive he ran right in and said, "FISH!!"  Then he proceeded to play with the sand FOR 35 minutes.  Seriously I couldn't get him away from the thing.  On the plus side, he did play well with other children. He actually shared toys - this is progress!

On our way out of the children's area, we went to see the goats.  I was impressed that Isaac knew the animal by name and what sound they made.  I gotta say, these goats are crazy tolerant of everything.  Isaac was pretty good, but I did have to remind him to be gentle after a rough pat.

A small funny story.  Isaac and I sing ABC's and the number song quite a bit.  He stacks his blocks and counts.  One morning, I asked him to count.  "One" Okay, good so far.  "Two" Hey, he might really be getting this. "Five"  Well at least that is a number. "Doggie"  Okay we have a ways to go still.  :-)  Have a good week.


  1. Hooray that Isaac is verbalizing what he wants to do!! Too cool!

    Alex and Isaac's video is cute! They need a daily videocast!

    What's the number song? I don't think I know it. I love his counting!! Ha!

    1. The number song is from the Fischer Price Puppy and to the tune of "La Cucaracha." The lyrics are "12345, 6789 ... join with me and count to ten. 12345, 6789, Oh yes, oh yes, it's ten. 1 though 10."


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