I'll make it up to you...

Sorry guys, I'm running behind schedule.  To make up for it, I'll have quite a few pictures and a joke if you make it all the way to the end.

Last week Thursday my parents came through for one evening on their way to their summer cabin. Since Isaac just saw them a week before over the Fourth of July, he was ready to play immediately.  This was good for me because they brought several things that couldn't fit in our car on the way home, so I had some organizing to do... as you can see here. :-)  Sorry Dad, I didn't get a picture of you this time.

Isaac has recently discovered the joys of a chewy granola bar.  Honestly, I think he just like picking out the chocolate chips, but whatever works since he's getting it all.  Also, check out his sleeveless shirt!  I kind of feel like he need to be doing some manual labor when he's showing off his shoulders and biceps.  :-)

I finished Isaac's little chair.  I thought it was dirty, but apparently the blue paint was just rubbing off. I removed the seat, gave everything a good scrub, and spray-painted both.  I honestly didn't put a lot of effort into this.  It was a quick job since I know this will be an outdoor chair and will most likely only be played with this summer/fall.

So, Isaac is more and more independant, which is my nice way of saying he's getting into everything and has strong opinions about it.  The other day he once again climbed up on Alex's desk, while Alex was tending to Roy, and pulled a cup of coffee all over himself.  Fortunately it wasn't too warm.  You see the result in his socks.. they both started the day white.  By looking at his legs, you'll see quite a few bumps and bug bites.  Lately I've been putting him in pants so his legs are covered for their morning walk.  Honestly, in the past week his poor little legs have healed quite a bit.

Alex is coninueing to work on the deck.  He keeps finding problems, which makes it a bigger project.  Fortunately, Alex knows how to fix everything and can fix everything.

Since the rails were falling apart on one side, Alex is redoing them.  I'm really quite happy about this since I this will allow me to sweep leaves and such off the deck much easier. The earlier version went all the way to the floor of the deck.  Doesn't the design look great?!

Last night I made stir fry and Isaac decided that he wanted rice.  He had a fun time playing with the chopsticks, but wasn't able to do them himself.  Granted, he hasn't quite yet mastered a spoon, but we're working on that.  Please note, this was beef with broccoli and carrots, but he was just interested in the rice.

That's it.  You made it to the end.  To celebrate I'll tell a joke that my grandpa used to tell:

Two guys were in a bar at the top of a tall building, drinking and looking down at the city below. The first man says, "You know, there's an updraft on these buildings so strong that if you jumped out, the wind would take you right back up." The second man thought the first man had a bit too much to drink and said he didn't believe him.  The first man says, "Look, I'll prove it to you." He opened a window and jumped out and fell down.  No sooner did he do this that he began to float back up and back into the open window.  "Now you try."  The second man was amazed, but said he didn't have the nerve but asked the first man to do it again.  Much to his amazement the first man jump out of the window, dropped a bit, and floated right back into the window again unharmed.  The second man finished his drink and felt more confident and tried it himself.  He jumped out the window and fell all the way to the ground.
The bartender shook his head and said to no one in particular, "Superman can be a real jerk when he drinks."


  1. The tiny rocking chair is super cute. I like the yellow you chose. KL


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