Grandma made a surprise visit!  She was on her way home from visiting family and she got stuck in Chicago.  After many hours and on and off airplanes, she came in for a whirl-wind visit.  Isaac greeted her with snuggles. He sort of melts into her.  It's sweet.

Alex and I finally had a long-overdue date-night.  We've been trying for a while, but seem to have a different schedule than our babysitter.  Dinner, drinks, and a book store.  We know how to live it up!

We've been doing lots of playing outside.  Thank goodness for that as it started raining and hasn't stopped for several days.

Since the rainy season started, we've been inside quite a bit and having to make our own fun.  We've been finding new play spots.

We've been doing a bit of climbing.  Mom, I wonder who he get's that from!

And of course, relying on some old favorites (phone) for entertainment.


  1. Glad you got a date in!

    Isaac is pretty adorable!


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