Polar Bear Preview

Last night we went to the St. Louis zoo to see the new Polar Bear Point.  It was a lot of fun to be there when there weren't a lot of people.  Of course, the Polar Bear exhibit was still crowded, but we had a lot of fun there and around the zoo.

We had to go through the Penguin exhibit first.  Alex got Isaac out to hold him because it was SOOOO cold.  But, it was fun to see them.  I can imagine it will feel great when it's about 90 outside.

The polar bear was giant.  There were activities where we got to see and feel what polar bear fur is like as well as how big their feet are.  It's a little unnerving.

We then got to see the seal and sea lions.  Some were rather photogenic, which was quite fun.

After dinner, Isaac enjoyed sharing a cupcake with me.

It was a nice evening, so we walked around the zoo a bit more before heading home.  Isaac likes to watch animals more than walk, but we all had a wonderful time.


  1. Fun!! You got some amazing shots!! I love the third sea lion one with Alex! And Isaac is adorable, as usual!


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