Grandparents visit

This past weekend was a lot of fun.  My parents came for a visit and we went to see a ballgame.  My Dad said he wanted a Busch beer at Busch stadium.  We were pretty high up and had a great view of the ending fireworks.

We had a relaxing visit and Isaac had plenty of grandma snuggle time.

Of course, grandpa didn't miss out on the fun.  They played while watching the news.  Isaac would throw the toy off the couch and Grandpa would pick it up.  Then they switched roles.  Isaac thought it was fun and giggled a lot.

We mostly ate, napped, took walks, drove around to see the area, and played with Isaac.  Thank you for coming!

I am also proud to give you an update on Alex's projects as well.  You've seen the three tables in the background, but he's just completed the workbench.