Wrapup & Playdates

This has been a week of finishing projects and playing with others.

Alex has completed the third and final workbench.  Now to straighten up the rest of the garage so he can move around. Pictures to come.

I also finished up the craft room/spare room and rearranged it.  I think it looks much better.  Alex said he's no longer embarrassed asking people to sleep in there.  :-) I think I need some sort of art on the far wall, though. A friend recommended a photo of a green landscape.  Considering that there's only one small window, that's a pretty good idea.

On Sunday, we had a playdate with a friend and her daughter at a park.  They are only a month apart, so they had fun.  Granted it was more playing around one another than playing with each other, but that's okay.  The hope was that my friend and I could chat some.  That didn't happen.  Instead, we played chase the kids. Holy Moley was it crowded.  It was a nice day, so everyone must have thought it was the place to go. It was nice though, until I took away something from Isaac that was potentially dangerous and he reminded me that he was close to nap time with a tantrum.

The caution tape was play, not warning the kids.

Of course, there's a lot of play at home, too. Here's Isaac playing with a box that contained dog food.  Most of the time, I put him in boxes and encourage play.  This was all him, though.