MIL visit & new play

This past weekend grandma came to visit.  There's something about Grandma, because Isaac doesn't snuggle that long with anyone but her.  Seriously, it's like 20 minutes.  I don't even get that... except when he is sick.

Isaac has recently discovered sidewalk chalk.  He's a fan.

My irises are starting to bloom.  Hooray.

 He's also discovered that his bottom fits perfectly in Alex's office window well. I have a feeling he will be up here often.  I did have to teach him how to get down properly so he doesn't fall, but I think this will be a new favorite.


  1. I love your pictures. Isaac is the cutest little ticket. See you soon. Mom

  2. I love the pictures too! And it looks like you're doing a great job with the sidewalk chalk. This is when he can totally learn his shapes. You can tell him to run to one shape or another. It's a great game! Or use colors to run to.


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