Visiting Cousins

Last week Isaac and I visited my sister Christine, her hubby, and three kids.  It was wonderful spending time with them.  I am shocked at how bad my pictures came out, but that's what I get for not taking my camera & trying to do everything with my phone.  Oh well.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon.  It was a bit rainy, so we played inside.  With three kids in the house, they have a ton of toys.  Isaac had a wonderful time with the new terrain, new toys, and of course, new kids to play with.  He took an immediate liking to Leo, only partly because he could pronounce his name.  Olivia took an immediate liking to Isaac.  I think she took him under her wing as another younger brother.  It was super cute.

Any disputes were quickly dissolved after finding out that even though Isaac grabbed toys from others, he proved to be a good 'trader.'  Isaac found out that trains, wagons, and so many books were even more fun with others to share with.

Each evening my sister and I were able to catch us, sans kids.  While it was wonderful seeing the cousins interact, it was also very nice to catch up with my sister.  :-)

The next day was all about the museum in the morning.  Again, sorry for the bad pictures.  These are actually the good ones.  Isaac played with anything that had wheels.

That afternoon, the kids played outside.  A fun time was had by all. Wagons, bubbles, and play houses.  This place had it all.

Both Leo and Olivia proved very helpful with Isaac.  After a tumble, Leo ran and grabbed Isaac an ice cube, which calmed Isaac down right away.  Olivia helped direct him away from dangerous things, like open doors and the china cabinet.

Isaac had some positive influence from his cousins at meal-time, too.  He ate table foods and had hardly any squeezes or apple sauces.

The next day was all about the outdoors.  We went to a large park with many different activity areas.  I think Isaac mostly enjoyed watching all the kids, but he played and had fun, too.  It was warm, so Isaac got to enjoy not having double layers, like he normally has.  He also wasn't humiliated with his typically socks with sandals

Olivia was great pushing him & helping around the playground

That afternoon, the kids played even more. I don't think they stopped the whole time.  Leo would set up play areas and create imaginative stories of what was going on.  At one point we used an imaginary light to find the invisible rocket ship.  That was pretty cool. Isaac didn't really play along, but he did have a lot of fun near the other kids.  They showed him how to play with certain toys.  It was good having positive peer play.

On Sunday we headed home.  It was a wonderful and fun-filled trip.


  1. I love the picture of Isaac as a popcorn kernel on the couch where the big kids were popping him up!

    Olivia and Lily are still talking about Isaac! We had so much fun! And it was so nice to visit with you too! You're a great mom and a great sister!


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