Update & Botanical Gardens

Sorry this is late.... I forgot to post this before I went out of town. More on that later.

I have a few pictures that I haven't shared mostly because, well, I forgot.  A while ago my wonderful MIL gave me Jane Eyre, which was also a fold-as-you-read book. I never read the book before and really enjoyed it.  Many a nights I stayed up too late reading it.  A bit of commentary on it - I think St. John is a real jerk.  Seriously; he basically said that if Jane didn't marry him she'd go to hell. What an asshole. Just saying.

Even though this was about two weeks ago, I don't remember what I was making.  Isaac was interested and I thought I'd have him help.  He was a little on the whiny side, so he has a pacifier.  Side-note: He knows the word pacifier, but his word for it is: BeeEE!  I'm not sure where that came from.

Alex and Isaac are going for walks with Roy before I get home since the weather is so nice.  After I drive up & park, Alex puts Isaac down so Isaac can greet me.  He's recently discovered that the car has a wheel on the inside, too.  Instead of greeting me, he now runs to the car saying, "Wheel, wheel, wheel."

Isaac is discovering what looking forward would be like in the car.

This past weekend, we went to the Botanical Gardens.  They have a 'market' area in the children's garden.  Isaac loves real strawberries and got a kick out of playing with fake ones.

He also loved the sandbox.  I think we were there for about 1/2 alone. We were so messy by the time we came home... and tired.  I gave him milk and put him down for a nap.  When Alex got him up, we realized how much sand gets into things.  Even though his jacket and shoes were off when we put him down, the sheets were in desperate need of changing.  I guess it just goes to show how much fun he had.


  1. Looks like Isaac had fun at all the activities!


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