Easter & the lake

We had a wonderful Easter with my parents and Grandmother.  We were so happy that they came in to visit.  Isaac is so sweet with Great Grandma Clara; he hugs and kisses her often.  As it should be, right!

Isaac with Great Grandma Clara
Being silly with Grandpa
In their Easter vests. :-)
Loving on Grandma
 We've also been enjoying the good weather when we can.  Isaac loves being outside and gets into everything.  I'm always amazed that there isn't a ring around the tub after his baths.

More signs of Spring

 Speaking of Spring, we've had quite a few April showers... and thunderstorms... and hail.  This is where the lake comes in.  We also call it our backyard.  Fortunately the lake doesn't last long.  It does leave behind puddles and soil so wet that it squishes for days, though.


  1. Awww! I love the pictures with the grandparents! You do such a good job with the photography and Isaac is always cute in them!!

    Yuck for hail, but yay for a sense of humor!!

    I love the flower pictures! It's good to get joy from simple things!


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