I think it has been a while since I posted a video, so here are two.

I can't remember why, but several days ago, Isaac was up several times in the night.  This left him rather tired during the day. Besdies being cranky, he had a hard time keeping his eyes open.

Even though this child is from western-european descent, I could never get him to eat noodles.  Then, I remembered a secret weapon in the kitchen: butter.

Isaac is still getting into everything.  He has figured out a way to open the storage drawer beneath the oven, climb on it, and play with the stove knobs - NOT GOOD!!

He is getting better about playing with Roy, too.  He tries to pet Roy more often and shows real interest in doing it properly (meaning, no hitting or hair pulling.)


  1. That first one is HILARIOUS! So is the narration!


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