The weather finally changed and we are enjoying every minute of it.  Isaac LOVES the outdoors and wants to go out ALL. THE. TIME. He begs to go out when it's not convenient of course.  I tried my best to accommodate him, but it's not always easy.

This weekend he wanted to be out all the time.  I ignored that I had laundry to do and tended to outdoor work instead.  I put together the remaining deck chair, I swept the deck, I tended to trees that had branches rubbing together.  I didn't do anything in the lower yard as it currently has the water content of a bog.  I suspect the ground several inches down is still frozen.  We need a few more days of warm weather and sunshine to take care of that  problem though. I went ahead and let Isaac play in the yard.  It's okay to get messy.  We are washable.  I should have changed his shoes, but the alternative would have almost guaranteed he'd fall more as they are just big enough to make him not-so sure footed.

Isaac has discovered that it is more fun to be outside the jogger than in. As you see this, imagine him repeatedly saying wee-ooo, which is "wheel" of course.

Isaac wasn't much into his sunglasses, but someone in the family got to where them at least.

Yesterday we walked to a park, which was lovely.  Isaac was able to swing, slide, and play.  Roy was able to smell new smells, meet another dog, and mark where said dog previously marked.

We also had a play date this weekend.  A little girl, who is one month younger than Isaac came over to play.  They were quite good with each other.  We moms had coffee and tried to prevent them from climbing the stairs.  There was only one injury: a bumped head, but accidents happen and everyone left happy. Perhaps next time I'll get a picture.


  1. So fun!! Isaac is getting to be a little boy...not a baby anymore! Wow!


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