Growing up

My baby is a little boy now.  He's talking more and doing new things each day.  He's also getting cuter each day.

We make time for being silly.  Such as when we fog up the window to write images.  Well, Isaac doesn't just fog up the window, he still licks the window.  I have more and more Isaac-tongue prints all over the windows.

The weather has been awesome.  Due to the soggy ground in the backyard, we went to a park and played on the playground and walked all over the area.  It was still a bit muddy there, but not nearly as bad.

Something funny: I have Isaac say goodnight to Alex before bed each night.  I sometimes try to encourage Isaac to give Alex a kiss by kissing Alex myself.  Isaac has been getting into the habit of pushing our heads together and encouraging us to kiss again.  We are taking that as a sign he wants a sibling. :-)

I have no picture for this,  so I will show you Isaac practicing the piano.


  1. Awww!! Playing outside is wonderful!! And kissing goodnight is so sweet! Love it!


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