Grandma came to visit

With a post title like that, you'd expect there to be a lot of pictures.  That's where you are wrong.  Sorry.  I am partly to blame, sure, but Alex plays a part, too.

Isaac is really showing off his naughtiness with stunts like moving his drum to reach things on the counter.

He has always played well independently, but lately he's seeking out new places.  Granmda and I cleaned out the bottom of the book shelf so Isaac could play in there.  I think he likes it.  At least he's actually playing in there... not like the awesome huge box that I set up for him that he promptly ignored.

I am loving my time with Isaac, especially when he is in a snuggling mood. Notice I'm actually showing off my arms, which I dislike... that's how much I want to show you my time with Isaac.


  1. I love the new hiding place and the sweet Grandma pictures! Sometimes few photos means the best time!


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