Oh how he grows and learns

Isaac is constantly doing more things.  He is also getting into everything.  Because of that we have started putting him in time-out.  I realize this seems harsh, but let me explain. Isaac can go up and down the stairs on his own physically, but we don't allow him to since he still gets distracted and falls.  Well, occasionally he makes a break for it and tries to go down the stairs on his own.  After a 60 second time-out in his crib, sans toys, he made the connection.  Now even if he does make a break for it (for example, after we brush his teeth at night) he will stop at the top and wait for us.

Despite the punishments, we are still a silly happy family.  In this picture, you can see Alex trying his best to hide behind Isaac.  I wasn't falling for it.

Isaac still likes picking out books.  Plus you see a good view of his curly hair. 

We have all been sick lately.  For the past week we've all been under the weather.  It started with Isaac, went to me, and now Alex has it.  Fortunately, Isaac never had a fever and always kept up his appetite.  We are on the mend, but a viral sinus bug is nothing to trifle with.  I was going to say it's nothing to sneeze at, but I thought there would be too much groaning.

One day early on in his sickness, I put Isaac in Alex's office so I could get a cup of coffee.  Despite him not feeling well, he still was active enough to get into things.  Please note that we don't leave soda cans on the floor, this was most likely pulled off a shelf by the little one as well.

Look at his poor sad little face.  I let him have two cookies since he just had a good breakfast.
Isaac has also discovered a new favorite place: the kitchen island.  He's just discovered that he can slide onto the lowest shelf.  It gave him such joy.

A few almost words.  I say this because I don't think most people would understand.  I don't even understand all of them without context:

  • I
  • Dog
  • Done
  • Up
  • Down
  • Ball
  • Dates
  • Food
  • Eat
  • Do - He normally says this to us as he points to something
  • More (sort of sounds like Mow)
  • Get
  • Book
  • Read
  • Teeth
  • Tongue
  • Bird
  • Bug
  • Star (sort of sounds like tar)
  • Moon
  • Apple
  • Diaper (sounds like purr)
  • Poop
  • Window  (sounds like Doh)
  • Door  (also sounds like Doh)
  • Burr (as in he's cold)
  • Leaf (sort of sounds like beef)
He signs: Milk, all done, more, fish, play

Everything else is some version of  "Beeee" or "Deee" with varying inflections.

He has even said his first sentence, "I do." It may be a fluke though, but I have heard him do it a few times. He is also a fan of "Book read"


  1. Cool! I love the curl picture and the island one! And that's a bunch of words! Way to go, Isaac!

  2. Oh, and time-out is appropriate at this age, I think.


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