In-Law weekend

This past weekend I was supposed to go visit and help my sister.  After not feeling well, we decided to err on the side of caution so I wouldn't get anyone else sick.  My in-laws decided to come and help while I was away and fortunately didn't change their plans even though I changed mine.  We had a great time since I was already on the mend.

We had a wonderful relaxing and warm weekend.  We took full advantage of the weather and went to the zoo.  We also took several walks around the neighborhood just to be outside.  Isaac loves it and we know it won't last.

Isaac loves spending time with grandma! Seriously, he doesn't snuggle this long with me unless he isn't feeling well.  After he got up from this nap, he snuggled a good 15 minutes.  As you can tell, she enjoyed every moment.  Sorry grandpa, I didn't get any shots of you with Isaac.  I can attest to them reading together, though.

He also got to enjoy a Christmas present that we couldn't fit in the car a few months ago. Isn't it awesome!!  It has become his lego tent. He will also go in and close the flaps.  He likes it when we say, "Open" and "Closed" in response to his actions.  He will also say and wave 'bye bye' to us and go in.  Ha!

As you can see Isaac found a paci that he launched out of the crib.

Isaac was in such a good mood playing with his tent that he actually let me get several photos of him doing other things and not just walking towards the camera when he noticed I have it in hand.  He will only put on a hat if he can see himself in the mirror.


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