Just an update

He enjoys all his Christmas gifts, but I wasn't able to get non-blurry photos before the Christmas post, so I'm including them now.  Aunt Grace gave him a large race track for musical cars.  It took a bit of putting together, but Isaac really enjoys it.

Do you like his pre-bed outfit.  It doesn't match, but they are comfy.

Aunt Beki and crew got Isaac an awesome WV tent.  He plays in there quite a bit.  There's a mesh windscreen that he kisses us through.  It's very cute.

Roy isn't so sure about the hat, Isaac thinks it's cute.

Okay - now into current time....

We went to the Zoo this weekend to enjoy the warmer weather.  I also attempted to get a few Valentine's photos for our cards since we don't do Christmas cards.  With all the shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, keeping house, and working full time, I just can't do it.  I know I have limits.  The pictures did actually turn out well, but I had to work with a squirmy toddler.