How we are

Isaac is getting to the point where he is playing with us more and more.  When I come home Isaac and I have about a half an hour to do nothing but play.  This consists of reading and rough-housing.  He picks the books, wants piggy-back-rides, and plays like he is pushing me over, which I exaggerate and roll for his amusement.

Isaac is showing off his playfulness by playing peek-a-boo with the camera. Notice how he peeks.

I am understanding more of what people mean when they say, "I love him so much I could eat him up."  Seriously, it's like I can't get enough of him. I love when he is up for cuddling and he climbs into my lap for story time.  Weekends are great because I can spend even more time with him. Of course, he still pushes my buttons at times, but he's a toddler who is testing boundaries and curious of the world.  I just have to remind myself that it is my job to show him how to handle frustration.

Isaac is getting into more things lately.  He is quite adept at finding dangerous items.  Cords are his go-to.  He also enjoys pulling heavy books off shelves.  He is now just tall enough to pull things off counters as well, so we have to be careful about that.  Climbing up stairs when he isn't supposed to is an every-day occurrence.  He also had a very bad finger jam in his room.  I tried in vain to free him quickly and ended up delaying it with my attempts.  Cuddling and an extra sippy of milk took care of the tears.

Isaac is also terrorizing Roy even more lately.  I think it is a bit of miscommunication, to be honest. Isaac pushes Alex's & my thighs to make us move as sort of a game.  Well, Roy doesn't really appreciate this, but he sure does move quickly.  Isaac takes this as encouragement and continues; Roy isn't a fan.  Isaac makes up to Roy by giving him part of each meal.  Alex and I have started putting Roy outside when Isaac eats.  Roy is fine with this, but I think Isaac misses him.  I'm hoping Isaac will put these two events together and stop feeding the dog as Roy is gaining weight.  Plus, human food isn't good for the fur baby.

One last one - I think this will be Isaac's profile picture one day.


  1. As always, the pictures are amazing! I love the ones with you in them. Your hair is so cute and perfectly curly! And Isaac is so cute peeking at the camera! It's true that kids seem to just get more fun as they grow...but 18-30 months seems to be my favorite age since it is the explosion of language and play that amazes me!


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