Going home & Christmas at home.

We had an adventure on the way home.  We hit a large scavenger bird with dead prey that he swooped down and picked up IMMEDIATELY in front of us at 70+ mph.  Alex hit the brakes, but we still hit him.  The window was shattered and small pieces of glass cut his hands.  Isaac and I were in the back seat, so we weren't hit, but we were rather startled and shaken.  The safety glass shattered on the drivers side and one of the windshield wipers was missing.

After calls to AAA and our insurance, we found out how long it would take to get a tow truck that would carry two adults and a toddler.  Since we didn't want to wait over an hour with a tired toddler in a McDonalds and we really wanted to pick up Roy, we decided to chance it as long as it didn't rain.  Alex moved his seat to the highest position and looked over it.  When we were about 20-25 miles from home, it started raining, so we pulled over.  Some good friends rescued Isaac and me and Alex went with the tow truck.  Fortunately no person was seriously injured.  Sorry bird. Unfortunately, we weren't in time to pick up Roy that evening. :-(

The next day we opened the presents from Alex's parents as well as ours.  There were oh so many presents.  We decided to pack a few away and take them out throughout the year as he grows into them.  We also decided to go through his old ones and save a few for possible baby #2 (or cousins) and donate some as well.

Alex picked out the little lawn mower and Isaac is impressed.  He also loves his books, cars, and peg puzzles.  I'm sure he'll love the rest when he has a chance to look at them.  Thank you all for helping make a wonderful holiday.

Happy to be home with Roy


  1. The bird hitting the windshield was just terrible luck! And scary, too! I am glad you are all okay!

    But, it looks like you all had a happy Christmas at home despite it! Love the sweet pictures!


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