Because you know I'm all about the dates...

Isaac is loving apples, pears, and dates right now.  He asks for them at meals.  He hasn't ever asked for ANYTHING at a meal before, so we know he is a fan. I have another video of him more clearly saying "Dee" for dates, but this one is cute because he says "Mmm" when I ask him if it is good.

He is also trying to say a lot more.  Here are the translations:
  • Dee = Dates
  • Burr = Bird
  • Doh = Dog
  • Boo = Book (Though we also have a Baby Boo book, so he might be confused)
  • Duh = Done (As he waves his hands)
  • Tea = Teeth (As he is pointing to his own or grabbing mine.)
  • Eeah = Ear (As he points to mine)
He's also doing signs as always.  He's started doing a siren sound a few weeks ago, but it sounds more like a European siren: Eeee Ewww Eeee Ewww.

He's been as active as ever, going up and down stairs.  We are still practicing the down part, but he's pretty much mastered the up.  I'm still right there, of course.  Notice the tan-ish paint on the walls.  It won't be there for long.

He still loves the laundry, but hes progressed to watching the washer, not just the dryer.  That is if he can get a sucker to hold him up there.

He is still playing with all his new toys and loving all of them.  Yet, he goes back to his old favorites, like an empty milk jugs.  I swear we have other toys, but he pulls these out of the recycling.

Up next week - painting before & after of the foyer, stairwell, and hallway!


  1. Isaac is growing up so fast!! Love the pictures and the video of him! Mmmmmm! So cute!

    And I am super impressed that you are getting painting done with a toddler in the house! Wow!


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