Thanksgiving and progress

We went to Alex's parents house for the holidays and had a wonderful time.  It was relaxing and Isaac had a lot of fun.  He hung out with Grandpa and watched football.

Isaac loves being read to.  He will pick up a book and bring it to you; the whole way, he will giggle with delight.

He never missed a chance to snuggle with Grandma when he woke up from a nap.  Seriously, I've never known him to snuggle this much.  I almost thought he wasn't feeling well.

We came back a bit early and I'm glad we did.  On Sunday we had a leisurely walk around the zoo while it was nice.  I also was able to get a few pictures with Isaac and Alex as he is normally the one taking Isaac by himself, so he isn't in the photos.

The train was fun to look at.

Isaac seemed to be more interested in the other children than the baby elephant.

Isaac was only sort of interested in the Gorillas.  He did, however really like the netting part of the fence.

Something new - Isaac's language is developing.  He continues to sign: All done and More.  He is starting to say a few words.  So far he has said: teeth, mama, dada, poop, and read.  Or, at least it sounds like that and it fits the context.  He is also starting to say the first consonant of a word "Ra" for raisin, "Be" for button.  He is also making word connections.  As you saw in the last post, he knows the word "ear."  Well, when we were reading the word "air," he turned my head and pointed to my ear. Of course, I had to correct him, but it is exciting that he is learning.

I forgot to mention this a few weeks ago, but Isaac's balance and dexterity is getting much better as well.  He can walk over to something, bend over and pick it up without sitting or falling. Lately he likes taking the music cube and putting it on a shelf in the entertainment center. He can also stack a block on top of another, but he doesn't seem to do that for fun a lot.


  1. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was relaxing!! And the zoo pictures are great! Hooray for language development! It's wonderful when you can communicate!!


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