Pre-Christmas Update

We've been having a full and fun week.  Isaac has been as cute as ever.  He has been enjoying the tree ornaments.

I made a bunch of Dutchess Dowager Fruitcakes with a friend over the weekend.   The cakes have about 5 lbs of candied orange peel and lots of almonds.  Of course, it is loaded with alcohol, too.

And, of course, more of Isaac. Here's a video of him eating like a champ.

Here is Isaac eating bread while not in his high chair.  I was making toast and he decided that a slice was not enough.


  1. Super cute, as always! I love the change in Christmas tree with a mobile child! Ha!

    And I don't remember the island. New? Looks nice!

    1. It is relatively new, yes. It's great to have a little extra space.

  2. I just watched the video! Hahahahaha!


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