Christmas with my family

On Christmas Eve, we arrived at my parent's house for a huge dinner and presents as my sister would be at her in-laws the next day.

I love to see cousins playing.  Despite the playing near each other instead of playing with each other, the two toddlers got along okay.  Isaac just wanted to play with something, though Luke showed a preference.

Craig acting like a bull to entertain Isaac. He really is good with little ones.
On Christmas morning, we had breakfast with the family to spend a bit more time together.  As you can see the cousins have opened their gifts.  Isaac had a lot of fun playing with everyone's toys.
Playing with real bunnies.
Hanging out with Aunt Stephanie.

Later in the day, we had more family come out for another large meal, complete with a plethora of desserts and some very good rum and coke.

The musical piano was an instant success.
More cousin time!  They played together so well.

Everyone watched the kiddos...
..and opened presents.
Then we played some more...
..and took pictures.
For the next day and a half two days we simply played and had a relaxing time with family. We lucked out and had pretty good weather, so we were able to take walks.
Isaac also got to spend time with Grat-Grandma, which was wonderful.  Lots of hugs and snuggles.

More cousin time!!
Aunt Stephanie with her little one and Isaac.
These pictures didn't turn out wonderfully, so I'm including both.


  1. Jackson looks so like Bill at that age! I love the pictures! The ones of Steph with Isaac and Luke, and the ones with Grandma and Isaac are especially adorable! I love family!


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