MIL, Mittens, Snow, & Perks of Parenthood

My mother-in-law came into town this past weekend.  She needed to fill her quota of baby hugs and kisses.  Speaking of kisses, she taught Isaac how to blow a kiss.  It was very cute. Here she is reading to him.
And out at the mall since outdoor activities were limited due to the cold.

Since the weather was turning colder, I decided Isaac needed a thick set of mittens, but was disappointed at the poor offerings at Buy Buy Baby.  They only had thin knit ones, which is insufficient for long walks with Roy as Isaac tends to hold on to the stroller frame. I decided to make some until better ones could be found.  Here's how I turned an old worn pair of Isaac's fleece pants and Alex's socks with holes in them into something useful. Granted, now that I just received a package of mittens, they aren't as crucial, but they are still the longest pair going up to nearly his elbows, so they don't come off if put on before his coat.

As mentioned, it was quite cold and we had a bit of snow.  Since Isaac was too young last year to do much in the snow, this is the first real time that he has been able to play or at least enjoy the snow.

(For comparison, this was one week ago today)

Now the first snow of the season

Lately, I started thinking about things they don't tell you about parenthood. Besides the obvious perks, there are a few you don't hear about much.  I've decided to make a list.
  1. Nothing disgusts you anymore.
    1. I'm not sure if it has to do with the childbirth process, being vomited on countless times, or having cleaned up poo from clothes, skin, etc.  Whatever it is, I now find it interesting that I can comment on someone's level 10 poo story with, "Oh, let me tell you about the time that...."
  2. Excuses for going out/not going out
    1. For example, "I've been so cooped up with baby, I have to have some adult time. Let's go to the ..."
    2. Likewise, your little one is the perfect excuse not to go out if you don't feel like it.  "Oh, little one is not sleeping/eating well, going through more teething and I'm just not up for going out."
  3. Excuse to buy jewelry
    1. I didn't have anything with Isaac's birth stone in it, so I just recently bought some "pretties," as a friend describes them to her daughter, a pair of earrings and a necklace.
  4. Your new appreciation of your own body
    1. It's amazing what your body can do.  Between all the changes your body goes through with pregnancy and nursing, it's incredible that our bodies can tolerate so much and actually recover.
    2. Even Dads and Adoptive parents have a huge change with taking care of little one despite sleep deprivation. 


  1. Love this post! You always take picture of Isaac framed beautifully! He really is a doll!

    The mittens look super warm and useful! I am impressed!

    And I like the perks of parenthood list! True, true!

  2. Look at you and your sewing skills! Where'd you get the pattern? From the looks of it, you just traced it. Is that right?
    I love the shocked face Isaac has as he is looking at the snow.

    1. You're right. I didn't have a pattern. I just drew it. I'm very project-oriented and not really about the method. I mostly wing it. That's probably why there's a slight variation between the mittens, but they work just fine.


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