Home update and Halloween

You are probably expecting an update on the laundry room, but you'll have to wait for that.  Instead, we have two new things to show off.

The first is up-lighting in the living room.  There is no overhead lighting in the room, so it can get rather dim in the evening.  Alex will eventually install lights, but the for now, above cabinet lights on top of the bookshelves work just fine.  They were a bit bluish, so I colored over half of the LED lights with a red dry-erase marker to make them warmer and it totally worked!  There is a flip-switch on each, so they are easy to turn off and on.  It makes the room much more comfortable in the evening. Hooray.

We also purchased a butcher-block cart for the kitchen.  We could always use more counter space, so we went with this fold-able one. I'm considering getting two small stools for a bit of seating, but since there's no extendable counter, I'm not sure it will work.  This requires a bit more thought.  We have been enjoying more workspace and a designated spot to put groceries when we come in the house.

For Halloween, Isaac was a lumberjack!  We had the clothes already, it was just a matter of putting them together.  The beard is from felt and the ax is a wooden spoon, cardboard, and duct tape.  He kept on pulling his beard down, so I'm including a lot of images and you can piece the image together in your mind.


  1. How clever to color the lights! Isaac is as cute as always. What a great beard, too.,

  2. I love the lights, too! And don't hesitate to get the stools. Nicholas and I had some on a tiny island in grad school, and we used them--sometimes even just to lean on as we were eating or using the island.

    Finally, totally the cutest lumber jack ever!!


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