Around the house

The other day I came home to a huge stainless steel pot on the stovetop.  Alex typically uses this to make beer.  But, it didn't smell like beer.  Instead, it smelled of chicken, thyme, and carrots.  He was making home made chicken stock.  He used to do this much more, but it has been a while.  Now we have a freezer full of yummy chicken stock and shredded chicken.

The start of yumminess:

I've never posted this and I'm not sure why. During my last tri-mester and for the first eight months, we had a house cleaner every other week.  It was wonderful.  We still did laundry, dishes, sweeping, and general pick-up, but we didn't worry about scrubbing tubs, tile floors, or dusting.  Once they started getting a bit inconsistent, we decided to ditch them.  Now, I'm on a schedule for doing a chore every night, so we aren't doing everything over the weekend.  Most of the time this works well, but we don't always follow it.  For example, it's been a while since I've mopped the tiles floors. I'm not really too worried about it.

  Every Day:
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Tidy for 10 minutes
  • Daily cleaning duty
  Daily Cleaning Duty:

  • Monday – Sweep/Vacuum
  • Tuesday – Clean out fridge, Take out trash & recycling
  • Wednesday – Laundry, Rotating weekly duty
  • Thursday – Bathrooms, put clothes away
  • Friday – Laundry, Mop tile floors
  • Saturday – Work outside (weed, mow, plant, rake, clean garage)
  • Sunday – Special project & overflow or rest
  Rotating Weekly Duty:
  • Change sheets & Dust
  • Mop hardwoods

To show my appreciation for you getting this far, here are a bunch of pictures.

At the park:

Around the house:

The view from Isaac's window and the joys of fall.


  1. Love this post!! The chicken stock is a great idea and I can almost smell it!! Yum!

    Isaac is adorable, as usual! I am glad you all are getting to enjoy playground time!

    The cleaning schedule looks ideal! I enlist the kids "help" afternoons--sometimes they do and sometimes they choose to play on their own--win-win!

    The fall colors are gorgeous! I can't believe we have beautiful leaves this late! Seems like they usually fall by now!


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