Home alone, videos, and teething

Alex was out of town this past weekend, so I had plenty of mama-son time.  Considering that Alex was sick and out of commission for several days, Isaac and I spent several extra days together, too.  It was great.

Each day we had an outing: the Park, Lowe's, Target, or walking around town.  Here are a few of us just having fun:
Though he looks mid-sneeze, he's actually giggling and clicking his tongue

On Saturday morning, I had to get a babysitter because I had a tour of a preschool.  We were on target for getting ready when Isaac turned Roy's newly-filled water bowl all over himself and the floor.  I ended up giving him a quick bath as slobber-water wasn't the best thing for the babysitter to have to deal with at 8:00am. Can you tell he's been getting into the kitchen drawers, too?

Alex ended up coming back from his conference a bit early, so that was a wonderful treat.  We were able to spend all Sunday together.

I managed to get a few videos, too. I have to place each piece because if they are together he ends up stuffing his mouth too quickly.

We were learning where cheeks, ears, and nose were located, but he ended up getting tired.  I thought my attempt at a video was funny, so I'm including it.

Isaac is teething again.  Fortunately, he isn't fussy; he's just drooling a lot.  He already has his top and bottom central and lateral incisors (the front four) but he is now getting his top right and lower left cuspids (canines) and one first molar on his bottom left.  That molar sure made his gums swell for a day, but everything is back to normal now.  I'm sure the other cuspids and molars won't be far behind.
He wanted the camera

I'll leave you with something fun: Isaac is starting to fist-bump!


  1. He looks darling in the purple sweater.

  2. Those last pictures/video of him in the high chair are super cute! And isn't it always the case when you are on time and ready to roll unexpected things happen?! I think it must be a rule of parenthood.

  3. And how did the preschool visit go?

    1. I loved it; it was actually quite incredible. Seriously, I would have loved to go there. The only problem are the hours; they may be too long as it goes from 7-6 - yikes! Surely we could work around that, though. Also, he has to turn 2 by July 30, so he'll end up being the first one to turn three in the 2 year old room. We'll see, but it's good to have options.


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